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A very participatory show 

Dramatization of the history of the Opera

Activity in English and/or Spanish


What does it consist of?  


It is a funny dramatization of the History of Oper performed in the school by an actor, Mozart, an a tenor acting as his valet Luiggi. In the play, Luiggi invites the students over without the knowledge of Mozart who, after the initial surprise and in Luiggi's absence, entertains them by narrating the history of the opera. In this activity, the students have the opportunity to hear a tenor live, for most of them for the first timein their lives. In addition to the aforementioned historical narrative, the mechanism of the human voice in its role as a musical instrument is also explained, all in a fun, educational and highly participatory way. The show, supported by a multimedia environment, could be performed in English and/or Spanish language as decided by the school responsible. Pricewise, a fee per student is applied without taking into account the number of functions required. Groups are created based on ages of the students.


Duration of work: 50 minutes approx.

Ages: 3 years and up.

Languages: English and/or Spanish 

Location: in the same school.




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